Dr Shu Ng

Dr Shu Ng


Medicinal Cannabis Clinician

Authorised Prescriber of Medicinal Cannabis

Authorised Prescriber of Nicotine Vaping Products

Telephone and Video consultations available Australia-wide

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About Dr Shu

Dr Shu Ng (affectionately known as Dr Shu) graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 and has 10 years of postgraduate medical experience in various medical and surgical specialties. She undertook an 18-month Radiation Oncology research fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA, whilst completing her Master of Public Health (MPH) with University of Sydney. After her return to Melbourne, she spent 3 years in Radiation Oncology specialty training at Alfred Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Dr Shu approaches her patients with kindness, compassion and holistic care. She has broad interests within medicinal cannabis including managing chronic pain, mental health, women's health, neurodegenerative and seizure disorders and autism spectrum disorders. She is very passionate about helping patients undergoing cancer treatment or experiencing cancer-related symptoms, as well as managing symptoms in palliative care. 

To date, Dr Shu has managed over 1000 patients and their journey with medicinal cannabis. She is an Authorised Prescriber and has also made over 700 TGA Special Access Scheme (SAS) applications to access medications. Dr Shu is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SSC), Society of Cannabis Clinicians Australian Chapter (SSCAC) and Australian & New Zealand College of Cannabinoid Practitioners (ANZCCP). She is also completing her multidisciplinary Fellowship with the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM).

In addition to medicinal cannabis, Dr Shu is also passionate about smoking cessation and tobacco harm reduction, and is an Authorised Prescriber of nicotine vaping products.

Outside of medicine, Dr Shu adopts a healthy and holistic lifestyle, and enjoys spending time with her partner Paul and two Italian Greyhounds Vino and Ava. 

In November 2021, Dr Shu gave a webinar presentation for Counterpart, an organisation supporting patients with breast and gynae cancers. You are welcome to watch the webinar here: Watch Video Webinar


Meet Dr Shu's Team


Nurse Liv

Liv has over six years’ experience as a registered nurse. After finishing her studies at Deakin University in 2015 she completed the graduate program at Eastern Health, rotating on both a surgical specialty ward and the palliative care unit. Upon completion, she spent four years at Box Hill Hospital nursing on the orthopaedics and plastics surgical ward. This was then followed by a transition to working in her local community in a busy general practice. 

For some time Liv has been interested in the benefits of cannabis as medicine. She has seen the remarkable impact it can have for those with chronic conditions where conventional first-line therapies have not been effective. She is passionate about de-stigmatising medicinal cannabis in Australia and its potential in helping patients better manage their overall wellbeing.

In her down-time, you’ll find Liv exploring the Mornington Peninsula with her husband, twin little people and Irish Wolfhound Obi.

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Nurse Alicia

Alicia graduated from her Diploma of Nursing in 2019 where she began her nursing in mental health within the community to then venture into the wards supporting patient recovery. While enjoying mental health and working within the Northwest area, community nursing stuck where she then worked in a general practice to gain more experience. 

Alicia found, in both mental health and general practice, the ongoing challenges that patients with chronic health conditions experience. Alicia is enthusiastic of new therapies including medicinal cannabis as they have shown to have positive impacts for patients as other conventional therapies can be less effective. 

Stretching at pilates and finding new places to eat out with her partner, family and friends are activities you’ll find Alicia doing in her spare time. Not to forget plenty of time spent with her pets.


All appointments are conducted by telephone, video available by request

Eligible patients must reside in Australia

Please note that these fees are not Medicare rebatable

Follow up appointments - usually 1-2 months after first appointment, then 3-6 monthly if stable



5-15 minutes

Have a quick telephone chat with one of Dr Shu's nurses about whether you're eligible for medicinal cannabis or if you have any questions regarding the process. Before the appointment, you will be prompted to complete a very brief consultation form to help facilitate the discussion.



30 minutes

Our wonderful Nurse Liv will discuss your medical history and formulate a personalised treatment plan with you. Dr Shu will call you on the same or next day to help with any additional questions, confirm the treatment plans and send your prescriptions to the pharmacy.

If you are a patient of a different medicinal cannabis clinic and wish to transfer care to Dr Shu's team, you are welcome to make a new patient initial consultation too.

All appointments by Telehealth - phone or video if requested on the registration form.



30 minutes

A thorough and comprehensive consultation with Dr Shu to discuss your symptoms and tailor therapies to what you need. All appointments by Telehealth - Phone or video if requested on registration form.



15 minutes

For pre-existing patients to discuss with one of Dr Shu's lovely nurses about outcomes, medication titration, changes in medication and repeat prescription requests. Liv discusses all patients with Dr Shu.

Follow ups are usually 3-6 monthly, or 6-12 monthly if stable



15 minutes

For patients with more complex discussions and needs. Or if you'd just prefer to speak with Dr Shu! For more straightforward discussions, you are welcome to follow up with our lovely practice nurse Liv.

Follow ups are usually 3-6 monthly, or 6-12 monthly if stable



For patients stable on medications. Please click the link below.



To find out if Dr Shu can help you, or for any other enquiries, 
please fill in the form below or contact:

For Medicinal Cannabis Queries: nurse@drshu.com.au

(nurse Liv will get back to you on her working days - Mon 9-5, Wed 4-8pm, Thurs 9-5)

For Nicotine Vaping Queries: drshu.vapes@gmail.com

Fax: (03) 8672 3399

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